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Vision, Mission & Objective

Primary Goal

“To develop self reliance among the under privileged group and communities by raising the level of confidence and enhancing their capabilities through skill development and training”

Takhleeq Foundation aims to work for awareness, advocacy & capacity building for social, political and economic rights of the underprivileged and provides an opportunity to think, discuss and create developmental strategies within the given framework and time in order to mobilize the community to analyze their own lives within their socio-economic context. Takhleeq Foundation conceived to involve in conducting various capacity building and training programs, and aim to focus on Peace, democracy and education with sustainable livelihood to support basic facilities through a right based approach. Gender sensitization shapes all our program activities.

Takhleeq Foundation’s Vision:

“Just Society with democratic values and human rights for peace, justice and prosperity”

Takhleeq Foundation’s Mission:

“Working for the uplift of communities by reducing gender disparity, promoting peace and prosperity with basic facilities and social justice through interactive discourse for civil society”

Takhleeq Foundation’s Objectives

  • To work with the groups of people on their problems through program planning, leadership, training and networking with partners and allies for Capacity building & providing support through organizational development assistance.
  • To conduct research activities on different issues and share the findings with the partners and the networks in order to highlight the key areas.
  • To develop an enabling environment to improve conditions and situations through lobbying and advocacy & build capacity to exercise peace, harmony, human rights and democracy.
  • To mobilize the community socially and actively in participatory democracy through local support structure development and citizen empowerment.
  • To socially mobilize and activate the communities on reproductive health issues through family management process.

Takhleeq Foundation aims to cater the areas shown in the flow chart below and strategically plans the process to implement the programs and projects in its capacity. The flowchart highlights all the key areas that the foundation is working under. Further, all the areas have been briefly discussed featuring the projects under each area.

Means to achieve Goals & Objectives

According stakeholder analysis (needs & interests), major focus of Takhleeq Foundation is the disadvantaged groups with least access to information, training and skills. As per their need, there should be strategic & practical interventions with interactive discussion discourse & linking it up with policy dialogues. To achieve this, Takhleeq Foundation imparted need assessment & analysis, social mobilization, training & capacity building of local support structures and community groups.