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According to Poverty Reduction Strategic Paper (PRSP), Pakistan can be steer back on the path of sustained and broad-based economic growth and to create jobs and reduce poverty with required and prolonged period of macroeconomic stability, financial discipline and consistently transparent policies that place poverty reduction at the centre of the country’s overall economic policies. Linking the economic growth-poverty reduction nexus are the very basic focuses of PRSP.

Increased poverty, inequality and disparity in social justice with deprived economic and political rights reflected in governance structure & system which gives rise to conflict and insecurity at all levels of society, especially among women and children from social and political disparities to communal and ethnic conflict and domestic violence. Civil society organizations are carrying out community development activities but it recognizes the need to address these political and social issues with more strength and commitment at the local level over the long term.

Sustainable human development is based on human rights, gender equality and participation in decision-making. But unfortunately, realization on these principles and values are slow and still needs to work more strategically by making headway on governance and peace to accelerate the progress for sustainable means of development.

Strategic efforts needed to eradicate poverty with its root causes of imbalances, patriarchal systems and disparities in class systems to address power structures & engendering with peaceful environment. This needs to widen the strategic horizons by addressing these issues & challenges for social, economic & political fairness with the objectivity to create an enabling environment for basic human rights with peace and prosperity through social justice system.
Aligned with geopolitical and economic grounds of the poverty situation, Takhleeq Foundation planned lot of programs and projects to support the supplement the PRSP of Pakistan to alleviate the Poverty            

For these reasons, Takhleeq Foundation is prioritizing the themes of peace, democracy, and governance with sustainable livelihood to address the strategic needs of Poverty Reduction Strategy and harmonize rights based approach on the society.

Takhleeq Foundation also believes in economic growth at grass root to boost up women’ economic emancipation for rural development and started Women Economic Empowerment and involving them in small business to create jobs even for others and contribute for the development of rural economy in Pakistan.

Takhleeq Foundation also strategizes for next five years to address the poverty reduction and mainstreaming the social and political rights based approach with gender and economic fairness as the central agenda for practical implementation in all the projects and programs.

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Poverty Reduction
Human Development Index(HDI) 0.504
HDI Rank 145 (out of 187 countries)
Life Expectancy at birth (years) 65.4
Mean years of Schooling (years) 4.9
Gross National Income (GNI) per capita (constant 2005 PPP $) 2,550
Total Population*) 177.1 Million
Population Growth Rate* 2.06 %
Percentage of People living below Poverty Line i.e. Rs. 948.7 per adult equivalent per month (estimated for year 2006)** 22.3%
Gender Inequality Index 0.537 (115 Rank out of 147 Countries)
Pro-Poor Expenditures as % of GDP 6.9%

*Pakistan Economic Survey 2010-11
** Pakistan Economic Survey 2007-08
For all others: Human Development Report 2011:Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All