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Since its inception, Takhleeq Foundation worked through different approaches and plans with confirm strategy to extend very basic outreach to the poorest of the poor of the society. Takhleeq Foundation planned its outreach in rural areas of Sindh as its working inceptions and extended to Baluchistan and later to Punjab.

Takhleeq Foundation started with its very small office at Karachi (as Head Office) and field offices in different Districts as per need and requirement. Takhleeq Foundation has expanded its outreach in all over the Sindh. Takhleeq Foundation is directly covering 11 districts of Sindh & Two Districts of Baluchistan through networking & linkages process.   

Takhleeq Foundation has continued engagement with community in all the districts, though emergency response is over and project were finished but Takhleeq Foundation has regular engagement with community with one or the other way.  Takhleeq Foundation is also executing regular projects in these districts and so have connections with the community.
Takhleeq Foundation is directly working in 7 districts through its offices.

Karachi Advocacy & Governance 22 staff 
Thatta CIIP Project 5 Staff  
Tando Allah Yar CIIP Project 5 Staff
Mirpukhas CIIP Project & Livelihood 12 Staff
Shikarpur Advocacy & Governance 8 staff         
Ghotki CIIP & Advocacy & Governance                10 Staff
QamberShsdadkot  CIIP 6 Staff

Organizational Competencies & Capacities

Takhleeq Foundation believes in team building and secure experienced and qualified human resource to facilitate the field interventions in regular and emergency programs. Takhleeq Foundation also believes in continuous process of capacity building of staff on social political and managerial aspects to extensive and effective outreach process in the field. Takhleeq Foundation believes that human development is the key for sustainable development and since its inception, has been involved in various kinds of projects in the fields of advocacy, peace and harmony, sustainable agriculture development, education, health, awareness and capacity building with gender sensitivity as cross cutting theme.

Experience and learning by doing increased the competency & capacity of the Takhleeq Foundation in different areas like capacity building, social mobilization, research and analysis to foster the field activities under different projects and programs.
Takhleeq Foundation also made a unique competency in documentary making as an additional skill to streamline the field activities as case studies and reference document. Takhleeq Foundation excels its competencies in training/capacity building, awareness raising and designing the motivational campaign to enable them to use this technique in their daily life.

Competitive competency of Takhleeq Foundation enriched with motivated and committed staff (both professional and support) who are implementing the projects in various locations. The staff includes both males and females. Takhleeq Foundation has a strong team of development professionals; doctors, educationists, agriculturalist, sociologist, anthropologists, political scientists, and trainers. With the passage of time, Takhleeq Foundation has not only gained sufficient experience and expertise in the fields within its area of working but also gave on-jobs training opportunities to many of its on board young  professionals.

Takhleeq Foundation successfully gained experience to complete the projects with the support of different donors and partners in last decade and continued with different small project up to long term programs with the funding support of different donors.