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Management System

All the organizational matters are guided by the policy manuals which are recently revised & still ready to incorporate further improvements with the help of consultants, professionals & board members. Regular audit of accounts is conducted by renowned external auditors.

Takhleeq Foundation scans the value system from personal values to the organizational current values of operations and culture and stakeholders. The culture of Takhleeq Foundation is rooted with harmonized values and gender sensitive ethics in the operational working to set the norms and values through practices. During emergency Takhleeq Foundation proactively perform in the field to reach to the IDPs but strongly believes on the policies at place in the organizations. 

  • Financial Policy
  • HR & Admin Policy
  • Gender Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Procurement Policy
  • Disposal Policy
  • Anti Corruption & anti fraudulent Policy     (in process)

Policies and Procedures

Takhleeq Foundation has developed clear and comprehensive accounting policies for its financial management system. Documented policies and procedures provide guidance and structure to staff; a basis for consistent treatment of financial data and the foundation for controls and financial accountability

Internal Controls

“Internal Controls” refers to all the policies and procedures adopted by the management of Takhleeq Foundation to help and ensure the orderly and efficient conduct of its business. All transactions are supported by documentation i.e. preparing vouchers and cheques after taking prior approval of the concerned authorities; recording in cashbook and ledgers completes the transaction consistency with the accounting treatment.

The Accounting Cycle

The  accounting  cycles  begins  with  the  source  document,  which  verifies,  supports  and documents the transaction and its accounting transaction voucher.

Financial Statements

The starting point for sound financial management is the timely and accurate production of financial reports. The financial records are produced accurately and punctually, so the ratio analysis becomes more reliable. Takhleeq Foundation has adopted computerized system for its financial management, which is helpful for both its micro-finance and non micro-finance operations. This particular Financial System is able to produce following reports:

Internal audit / compliance function

  • Finance is the custodian of Financial Record only. While signatory authority is with program people.
  • Joint signatories must sign the cheques for realization.
  • In Takhleeq Foundation, finance is not only finance it is basically finance and compliance so it works on pre-audit basis.
  • After completion all the schedule formalities of the respective vouchers payment is going to be finalized.
  • For internal control purpose pre approval and post approval formats used for proper accounting treatment.
  • 3 stages define in pre and post approvals.
    • Originator
    • Program Approving authority.
    • Financial Record.
  • In pre approval the originator request for purchasing which is duly approved by program and finance at this stage verified that expense is budgeted and funds are available.
  • No cash transaction allowed all the payments made through cross cheque in the name of vendor.
  • Procurement department identify the vendors for one year on the basis of market survey.
  • Tax properly deducted and submitted to Govt. on Monthly basis.
  • Bank reconciliation on monthly basis etc