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Future Strategy

Takhleeq Foundation planned the ways to maintain the organizational sustainability by using the following analysis scan.

  • Local Resources
  • Marketing
  • Endowment Fund
  • Human as a Capital

Local Resources:

Takhleeq Foundation will gain the training Opportunities to provide training facilities to CBOs NGOs in the field of capacity building program and financial management and charged fee as for their income.
Takhleeq Foundation team will provide consultancy outside can earn some money which help to maintain their organization sustainability.

Takhleeq Foundation has its video making section with latest movie cameras and computer with further addition of editing instruments. It might be able to provide video making, editing and coverage of events for other NGOs on income generation aspect.


For making effective and donor attractive proposals, Takhleeq Foundation management is fully aware with present issues in which donors or grants giving institutions are interested. Takhleeq Foundation will establish separate section for only capture new donors locally and internationally for its sustainability.

Takhleeq Foundation is going to launch its Financial management manual with URDU version which will be helpful to Fulfill for its marketing and sustainability needs. Publications of Takhleeq Foundation is another tool of its marketing which reflects its visionary thinking and programs.

Endowment Fund:       

Through proper marketing a social organization can request to some donor to provide fund for its staff welfare and other running expenses, this fund will be kept in bank or invest some other business to earn income and this income will be use for staff welfare and other running expenses with condition that principal amount of this fund would not use for expenditure. Therefore, T.F will go for this and get this sort of fund by its running donors or any other fund giving institutions and spend it for its staff welfare or running expenditure.

Human as a Capital:

As Takhleeq Foundation heading towards its sustainability for next five years so it should looking forward for advancement of its human capital through professionalism and better training opportunities.

Managerial / Administrative Strategy:

General Administration:

  • Organogram
  • Authority Power at different status.
  • System of delegation.
  • Who will report whom?
  • Responsibility & Accountability.
  • System of work planning.

Financial Administration:

  • Ceiling Approval.
  • System of Requisition.
  • System of Disbursement.
  • Petty Cash system.

Personal Administration:

Hiring & Firing Committee

(Programs Director, Respective Program Coordinator & HRD officer)

  • System of recruitment.
  • Post recruitment formalities.
  • Capacity Building
  • Appraisal System

Purchase System:

Purchase Committee

(Programs Director, Respective Program Coordinator, HRD officer and Finance officer.)

  • Need Identification.
  • Need Assessment.
  • Purchase Approval.
  • Purchase System

Vehicles Management:

  • Vehicles Management Committee
  • Vehicle usage Policy.
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs.
  • Vehicle purchases.

The Quality of Work Life

  • Job design.
  • Job redesign
  • Team Building variations.
  • Socio technical Systems.
  • Codetermination.
  • Barriers to quality of work life

Preparation & Selection

  • Job Analysis
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Recruitment of Human Resources
  • The Selection Process

Performance, Compensation & Protection

  • Employee motivation & Satisfaction
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee benefits & services
  • Building Employee communication.
  • Stress Counseling & Discipline.

Operational Strategies Networking

Sharing information through various committees and groups of women in networking mechanism

  • Community Group
    • Mobilization through forming community groups
    • Selection of Interested women to aware others
  • Maintain donor relationship
  • Cultivate media relationship
  • Develop partnership
  • Produce relevant material

Future Planning of TF and Time Frame:

  • Responding emergencies and developing a long-term disaster management program. 
  • Working on SRH issues is supportive opportunity available for growth and development of Takhleeq Foundation in future critical issues and should be addressed.
  • Working on women’s economic empowerment and livelihood support are the strategic interest for community to work by the Takhleeq Foundation.
  • Peace, Harmony, Human Rights and democratization are the wheel of development through process oriented interventions with different sections of society should also address by the Takhleeq Foundation.     
  • Consider the operational strategies. Allocate /develop operational strategies for each of strategic choice.
  • Put a time frame to each category